Why are Sit and Go Tournaments So Popular?

Even if you are relatively new to poker, chances are you have heard of sit and go tournaments, or SNGs. There is a reason these kinds of tournaments are so popular, and why so many pro players take on so many of them. By understanding the appeal of SNGs, you can determine whether to try them out or stick to another type of tournament.

Easy Beginning Strategy

When you are in the beginning of an SNG tournament, with 8 to 10 players left, you are able to play tight, conservative poker. The result is that the more aggressive players will end up knocking each other out of the tournament and you will skate past into the next rounds fairly easily. By the time you are left with five or less players, you have learned strategies of the serious players and can more easily beat them.

Feels Like a Huge Tournament

One of the greatest things about the SNG tournament is that it feels like and sometimes has the payout of a huge tournament, but does not take nearly as long. You are able to play faster poker, and you can play more than one SNG each day; some professionals will play as many as 50 of these tournaments each day. With great payouts and a variety of structures, these are fun and valuable to new players trying to learn.

This is the perfect kind of tournament to build your own poker strategies and to use those that you have learned playing smaller games. These tournaments are fun and fast-paced, but even beginners have a fairly good chance of winning.