The Single Greatest Poker Strategy: Staying Cognizant

While many professionals will discuss poker strategies for all different types of players, there is one single strategy that will benefit everyone. That is staying cognizant at all times and realizing that there are no breaks in poker. By watching other players, you will always benefit.

Tips for Staying Cognizant

Always remaining alert and watching the other players in a game are extremely important aspects of this strategy. When you are in a game for several hours, you may think that folding gives you a mini break; it does not. You need to remain alert and watch the players' strategies so you can pick them apart more easily. Do not enter a tournament unless you can play uninterrupted and you are able to focus completely on the game.

The Benefits of Watching Other Players

Great poker players know that when they watch other players, they are able to pick up on those players' strategies. This gives you an advantage and allows you to anticipate what the player will do in certain situations. You can then set them up or manipulate them so that you can win the game. Even if two other players are going against each other and you have already folded, watch those players to determine whether they are aggressive, soft, tight or loose players.

To become a great poker player, you must be cognizant at all times and pay very close attention to the strategies of other players. When you are sharp and savvy about how you play poker, you will be improving your game at all times.